Saturday, June 6, 2009


I have nothing at all to say today. It happens sometimes.

So Zack Greinke is human, huh? Weird.

He gave up a home run in the second inning last night, the first he had allowed in 112 1/3 innings. Then he gave up another one three innings later.

The interesting thing is that even before last night, hitters were putting the ball in the air off of Greinke at almost exactly the same percentage as they did last year (38.3% to 36.9%), and last year Greinke gave up 21 HR. Greinke isn't an extreme ground-ball pitcher, and he'll keep giving up HR. But his strikeouts are up and walks are down from 2008, and the important thing (that is, the difference between becoming a very good pitcher and a righty Johan) will be to keep those trends going. If you're striking out 10 and walking 1 per nine, you can deal with the ball leaving the yard now and then.

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