Thursday, June 25, 2009

On June 24, 2001...

Of course, the nature of this blog means that June 24 was yesterday. But I'm writing this on June 24, so that's good enough for me. Anyway, eight years ago yesterday...

- Cristian Guzman, enjoying his one good season, had an unlikely 6 RBI, with a double and a homer, as the Twins trounced the Tigers 14-5. They came close to shocking Cleveland and taking the Division Title that year...but 2002 would be their year. By which time neither Guzman nor Keir Dullea was any help at all.

- Barry Bonds went 0-for-4 with a walk, which left him sitting on 39 HR, and on pace for 84.

- John Rocker got his first save with Cleveland after being traded from the Braves; the 26 year old had just four more saves left in him after that. I wonder if he's the only (nearly-)star-quality MLB player whose career was actually derailed by stupidity? Not, like, a debilitating accident caused by his stupidity; just plain ol' stupidity, in and of itself?

- The Mariners won to run their record to a ridiculous 55-19. They were leading the Angels by 18.5 games. It's a travesty that that team didn't even make the series. Probably one of the three best teams ever assembled...and with essentially no star power.

- I noticed none of these things. I was busy getting married to my best friend and a wonderful person who has kept me sane and happy and healthy for eight wonderful years. So forgive me for kind of a nothing post, but we've been celebrating, and I'd just like to appreciate that and marvel at the fact that it was already eight whole years ago. Also, just looking at a random day (random to the baseball world, that is, not to me...) can be fun.