Sunday, June 28, 2009

Links of the Week or So

I can't find a whole lot worth talking about right now, so how about reading stuff from people who can?
  • Frequent commenter tHeMARksMiTh always does great work and has had, I think, a particularly great week, but I thought his writeup on the career of Hank Greenberg was the highlight.

  • Non-Baseball Division: Bethany over at one of my favorite sites in the whole series of tubes, The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, finally got around to posting something I had sent her way back sometime before this blog even began. Turns out it had been posted on that site before, but that's hardly my problem. I thought this submission was a better one anyway, but that one didn't make the cut (or just skipped her attention) somehow. Oh well.

  • Ron Rollins wrote about agents in Japanese baseball, and pretty much everything there is something really interesting that I didn't know. You might guess from my Strasburg rant that I'm not really behind the idea that baseball agents are "the devil" (well, maybe Boras), but it's an interesting topic.

  • Obligatory Dave Cameron Article Division: this week, Dave points out that Juan Pierre hasn't been doing such a good Manny impression lately. I think that what I like about Cameron's stuff (when I'm not disagreeing with him completely, which has been happening more often lately) is that he's really good at pointing out flaws in the common wisdom that, once he's pointed them out, seem like the kind of things we all should have noticed already. I mean, you knew he wasn't going to keep hitting .400, but why haven't we already heard that he's been that bad for the last month or so?

  • Know how the other day I wondered how often one starting pitcher in a game was twice the age of the other? Well, lar at wezen-ball went to the trouble of figuring it out.

  • Joe Mauer has, inevitably, slowed down; he's stopped homering, which is the worrisome part, but his batting average has also dropped below .400. David Pinto says his odds of hitting .400 (as of Saturday morning, I suppose) are 1 in 275 or 1 in 1235, depending on...something. I honestly don't understand it at all. But it's Mauer, so it's interesting.

  • This seriously stretches the definition of "week or so," but the most recent post on Recondite Baseball has info on one of my favorite topics, the Three True Outcomes. No surprise that Dunn shows up at the top of the list, though he's keeping the spot warm for when Jack Cust hits 3000 PA. I haven't talked about Recondite Baseball, and I don't even remember how I came across it, but the one or two posts Theron makes over there a month are always worth reading.
That's about all I've got I'm sure there'll be something to say tomorrow.

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