Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Maybe it's a tumor." "IT'S NAHT A TOOOMAH!!!"


Wednesday afternoon, and it's the weirdest thing: the entire T-D-S editorial staff comes down with an illness that is either (a) a really bad, late-season flu or (b) Intermittent Dysmorphic Attachment Dysfunction with Smelly Feet (IDADWSF). It's bad, whatever it is.

So the planned epic response to the very thoughtful post from tHeMARksMiTh that I mentioned yesterday (the draft in my head is tentatively titled "IN DEFENSE OF COMPASSIONATE (ButStaunchAndUnwavering) SABERMETRICISM") will be on hold for at least one more day. Instead, I'll just say this:


  1. Ah, an unnecessary reference to both Kindergarten Cop and Oregon Trail. No wonder we're friends. Do you have any other circa 1990 references you want to drop? Are you vomiting like you're at a Japanese state dinner? Feel better.

  2. I look forward to the response post. In mine, I was trying not to take a side. I actually align more with sabermetrics, but my main point was that even as much as they've done, they still miss out and ignore some things that are actually tangible effects on the game on which traditionalists still harp (though perhaps too much). I still think there's a lot both sides can learn.

    But I look forward to your post, and I've really liked all your posts so far.

  3. I spent a couple of months living in Northern Germany with my uncle and his very German family after I finished school. One of the things about living in a country like Germany is that you either get used to watching English channels like MTV Europe (which can be really bad) or just putting up with German shows/movies that you don't understand. It was always fun, though, when they would show an American movie - dubbed in German of course.

    The one movie that I remember watching in German the most is Kindergarten Cop. I don't know why exactly. I do remember the scene with Arnold's "sister". It's funny in English, of course, because she takes on the super-fake Austrian accent. According to my German cousins, she doesn't have any kind of accent, so I imagine the scene is almost completely worthless.

    Anyhow, thought I'd share and let you know that I appreciate the references...

  4. Good stuff, lar.

    I've noticed that this post, which looked fine on my home computer, makes no sense at all on my work one. Interesting. I mean, you're not missing a ton either way. :)