Friday, September 18, 2009


So, great news (for me)--this blog is moving! I'm joining a couple Friends of the Blog, and a whole bunch of great sports bloggers I don't know yet, over at the Bloguin Network. Very excited about the move--they've designed a much prettier new site for me, and the network is growing really fast with all kinds of quality sports blogs (mostly sports, anyway, as far as I know). It's exciting stuff.

In related news, I've finally shelled out the ten bucks for my own domain name:

So while you'll have to update your RSS feeds, bookmarks, etc., and that will be annoying, and I'm sorry, at least the new addy will be easy to remember!

Please join me over there, take a look around, leave a comment, etc. There's nothing new up there right now, but as of tomorrow (or at least by Monday--headed to Wisconsin and a Brewers game this weekend), the baseball-related ramblings will be popping up over there, just like they used to over here, just about every single day.

And this one will be dead. Still here, but dead. So remember: See you there!

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